Premium  Books & Forms

The premium book for the Washburn County Fair are updated every two years, the current documents are valid for  2022 and 2023 only.

These documents are read only. When you open them, there will be a message asking "Please enter the write password". Click "Cancel" and another box will let you know this is read only and changes will not be saved, click "OK". You will still be able to print.

2022   Premium Book

(youth and  open combined)

2022  Educational Department

(school children not in a group and 

classroom projects)

The following forms are required for any exhibitor to be able to exhibit at the fair. Please make sure you submit these forms by:

7-2-2021  for ALL live animal entries and ALL youth entries


7-22-2021 for Open class (adult) non-animal entries*

*earlier entry is appreciated

2022 Entry Forms

2022  Pen Request Forms

*Only required for certain animal projects

2022 Canning Labels