Theme Contests

New this year to the Washburn County Fair is the 'Fair Theme' and contests that connect to this theme! For the 2019 & 2020 fairs the theme is,

"How Sweet it is!"

There are two Fair Theme contests for you

to participate in this year!


'A Barn Quilt Challenge'
This geometric-based square is the perfect opportunity to funnel your quilting creativity into a show-stopping square that will stop Fair-goers in their tracks! The winning quilt square will be reproduced and proudly placed on one of the barns at the Washburn County Fairgrounds. 
Due to COVID-19 there has been some changes to the Barn Quilt Challenge but it will still take place, regardless if there is a 2020 Fair or not! Entries should be mailed in and winners will be announced via social media!
See the attached documents for more information!!


Bee In Your Bonnet

'A Barn Quilt Challenge'
This contest is for those who have a creative head! The goal of the contest is to decorate a plain hat to fit the theme, "How Sweet it is!"  
See the attached document for details!

Wheelbarrow Contest

The Wheelbarrow Contest is a contest for anyone who appreciates gardening and/or flowers! This contest requires the entrant to create a flower arrangement in an operational wheel barrow of any size. 

Wheelbarrow Entry Form


1st place $40.00, 2nd place $30.00,

3rd place $20.00, & 4th place $10.00

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